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Periodical Publications

These are the available periodical publications at the Iowa chapter.

Reference # Year Author Title
0-7618-3861-9 2008 edited by David Belgum Living with Parkinson’s disease
1-932603-42-5 2008 Friedman, J.H. Brain and Behavior coping with PD
0-7360-6278-5 2007 Kaminoff, leslie Yoga Anatomy
0-595-88549-7 2007 Brissette, John What’s Shakin’
0-9664767-7-8 2007 Meyer, Maria M. The comfort of Home for PD, a guide for caregivers
0-9734162-1-3 2007 Carley, G Surviging adversity; living with PD
1-934160-00-8 2007 Stark, Dan Silence of the bunnies
978-0-470-07395-7 2007 Tagliati, Michele Pd for dummies
0-8493-7019-1 2007 Baltuch, Gordon H. (editor) Deep Brain Stimulation for PD
978-07566-2852-9 2007 Kunz, Barbara & Kevin Complete reflesology for life
1-57324-303-5 2007 Bolen, Jean Shinoda Close to the bone, life-threatening illness as a journey
978-0-8129-7340-2 2007 Firlik, Katrina Another day in the frontal lobe
2007 Ellis, T. Advances in Neurorehabilitation i PD
0-275-99166-0 2006 Rosenbaum, Richard. B. Understading Parkinson’s Disease, a personal and…
0-9779509-0-5 2006 Zecola, Steven A. The race to cure PD, how science will defeat Evangalism
0-9778591-1-8 2006 Henry, Evan C. Shaker guy
0-7432-8068-7 2006 Yoakum, Robert H. Restless Legs Syndrome, relief and hope for sleepless…
1-888375-61-2 2006 nhat Hanh, thich Present moment wonderful moment
1-4241-3729-2 2006 Crooker, Alice Peas, pills, and Parkinson’s
1-5988696-3-9 2006 Delabre, Kenneth R. My walk on the Parkinson’s path
1-933503-01-7 2006 Lorig, K. Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions
1-57224-443-7 2006 Honos-Webb, Lara Listening to Depression
1-4259-0185-9 2006 Curren, A.W. Dumb bells & dopamine; a PD success story
1-930374-23-2 2006 Anderson, Victor Carolyn’s Journey
2006 Puchalski, Christina M. A time for listening and caring