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Video Publications

These are the available video publications at the Iowa chapter.

Reference # Year Author Title
2007 Wild, Jerry Tai Chi – PD exercises for patient/caregiver
2007 Standaert, D. Neuroprtection in PD
978-1-4243-3208-3 2007 Zic, David Delay the disease, exercise and PD w/manual
2007 Vernalis Apokyn moves me
2007 Medtronic Activa DBS
2007 ABC News ABC Primetime; Deep-Brain Stimulation
2006 Song, David D. M.D. Treatment of non-motor & motor complications in PD
2006 Silver, Dee E., M.D. Stem cells, genetic links, gene therapy & other…
2006 Schmitz, M. Staying postive when the journey gets tough
2006 Wilson, Mary Ann Sit and be fit
2006 Planning your course: helpful advice for the newly…
2006 APDA Iowa IA Seminar 2006
2006 Information Television… Healthy body Healthy mind; PD
2006 Houer, Melissa, M.D. Early diagnosis, clincial progression & potential…
2006 Chen, Jack J. Drug interactions in the treatment of complications…
2005 Lipton, stewart Update on potential use of stem cells for PD
2005 Siler, Dee E. Treatment Algorithm for PD
2005 Novartis StEP into…Movement & Flexibility, exercise for PD
2005 APDA; Washington Chapter Managing Parkinson’s: Straight talk and Honest Hope
2005 APDA-Iowa IA Seminar 2005
2005 Schwarz Pharma Expert views on patient profiles and preferences…
2005 Moore, Homer Jack Differential diagnosis-when is it PD and when is…
2005 PDF Diagnosis PD: You are not alone
2005 Barba, David Deep Brain Surgery and other Neurosurgical…
2005 WeMove.org DBS: an online guide to Deep Brain Stimulation
2005 Houser, Milessa Complications of PD and it’s therapy
2004 Parkinson Disease Associa… The many faces of Parkinson’s
2004 Chen Tai Chi 24 Simplified Forms 1
1-7412-1353-3 2004 Bryant, Graham Simply Tai chi
2004 Hamburg, Janet Motivating moves for people w/PD
2004 Branco, Susan Be fit over fifty
2004 Medtronic All about Activa, patient experiences